Not Getting Any Clearer…(yet)

Week two at Code Academy has been a bit crazy.  Everything is really fuzzy…html, css, ruby, hash, class, curly bracket, pipes, array, etc.  What?  Word on the streets of 1871 is that class tomorrow will be full of ah-ha moments.  Click, click, click!!  Can’t wait.  Currently just plugging away at the Pine book and Ruby Koans.  

Chicago is such an awesome city to be in while attending a life changing course like this.  The city has become so creative and full of forward-looking energy over the past 5 years. The heat wave we have been experiencing is noteworthy…over 100 today (again).  Tomorrow too.  A storm on Saturday may push us out of this misery. 

Have been meeting wonderful people in the CA community.  Super nice, helpful and fun to be around.  I miss my family dearly, but keeping my eye on the prize has helped me get through the tough moments.  Spending the 4th of July without them was really difficult.  Seeing pictures of them in their star spangled outfits did put a smile on my face. 

Focusing on an idea for Idea Lab tomorrow night has been fun yet challenging.  Ryan (hubby) and Grant (friend) have opened up their hearts, schedules and skills to help my team (whomever that may be) create a kick butt website/application.  They have some mad business and design skills that I feel so lucky to have on my side.  Still blows my mind that 9 weeks from now I will be going home to San Diego with a website/application that I was instrumental in building.  Makes me giddy when I think about showing it to my little girls in September. 

My mind is open and clear and ready for whatever tomorrow has to bring! 

Green as Green Can Be

Day 4 here at CA and my head is splitting.  Slept until 8am this morning.  Have not done that for at least 5 years (having kids will do that to you).  Had every intention of getting up early (like I have been all week since CA started) and get to 1871 by 9am today with a workout under my belt.  My brain is already crammed with code and the sorting wheels up there are smoking! Everything I have done for the past 4 days has been brand new to me…even the commute from the NW burbs.  It has been so refreshing to see everything in a whole new light since Monday.  The community around here is like no other.  Meeting fellow CA’ers has been extremely fun.  Day 1 was full of anxiety upon arrival.  Twenty minutes later, I KNEW I made the right decision.  Three hours later, my brain was exhausted, but my inner child wanted more, more, more!  I spent some time figuring out my Twitter account and setting up this blog (thanks Ben!) and realizing that I not only have tons of code to learn, but loads of basic computer knowledge to brush up on.  Day 2 consisted of installing rails on my laptop (thanks Omar!) and writing some code for fun which proved to be helpful on Day 3 when I actually knew what Jeff was talking about in class!